Transport and Logistics

Mustek Bitumen Limited has unmatched expertise in securing the most advantageous solutions for moving Bitumen. The economies we achieve in transportation frequently enable us to outbid competitors, secure tenders and ensure high standards of supply and service for our customers around the world.

Trusted International Bodies such as SGS, which enhance our quality and compliance of our Bitumen products and their specifications, can provide quality and Quantity Inspections on all our shipments at the manufacturing sites.

We work alongside our reputable and established network of shipping companies and freight forwarders. Mustek Bitumen Limited has an enviable track record of ensuring that our portfolio of clients custom requirements are met on time and they benefit most from significant cost savings. We ensure that all our Bitumen is safely transported in bitumen tank containers and bitumen vessels for big bulk trade.
Our Bitumen is packaged in the most cost effective, economical, safe and eco-friendly way possible.

We have enjoyed long-term relationships with our reputable and reliable suppliers and decades on; the high quality of Bitumen still exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Efficient supply-chain management has essentially led to timely, accurate and cost effective delivery of bitumen materials resulting in project success.