Rental Bitutainers

We offer short and long term leases/rental of both new and existing
bitutainers and bitumen tank containers. New container equipment ex-works or positioned to your place of demand and existing containers from our depots. The rental contracts have the advantages of flexibility, which often is a necessity in an ever-changing market environment.

The Lessee will be granted certain redelivery locations as well as conditions for the returned equipment i.e. repairs standard and quantities in any given month. We can also offer a full service lease where pre-agreed repair cost and maximum return flexibility is offered for certain type of equipment.

Lease Purchase

The Lease Purchase Option we offer usually fulfills the requirements of the shipping lines, forwarders, terminals and other companies in the Transport industry, for their long-term investment in containers and related equipment.

The Lease/Purchase contracts have the advantages of the operational lease, since the expense is fully deductible during the term of the contract (in most countries) while at the same time the advantage of a bank loan is maintained as title to the equipment will ultimately be transferred to a company nominated by the Lessee at the end of the term.

Terms and conditions are always open for discussion with the Lessee and subject to individual credit approval.

Lease Purchase, as opposed to operational leasing, offers the Lessee very attractive daily rental rates on equipment built to the customer’s own design and specifications. The rent is either based on fixed rental payment, or variable rental payments, adjusted according to changes in the underlying reference interest rate.


Mustek Bitumen - Rental Equipment Fleet:

Bitutainer 30/70 Shipper

Model TR-T-278 (For Direct Fire Heating)

  • Model TR-T-278 (For Direct Fire Heating)
  • Ideal for transporting or storing Bitumen, PMB & Heavy Oils
  • 27 metric tone capacity = optimal load per container
  • Ships as a standard 20ft ISO container with Lloyds Approval
  • Full Intermodal Transportation - road, rail or sea
  • Controllable Direct Flame Heating Options Available
  • Can be used for Temporary Storage Depots where required
  • Insulated with Robust Outer Skin
  • Economical and durable

bitutainer-2bitumen container 1


20' HC Bitumen Tank Containers

T3 20' ISO Bitumen Tank Containers are approved by international statutory authorities for the safe transportation of Bitumen, Asphalt, and Heavy Crude Oil products.

Available with Flame Tube heating systems (diesel burners) or Thermal Oil Heating System.

Heating-up to 170 °C degree operating temperature less then 8 hours!!

  • 25 m3 Capacity

  • T3 20FT ISO Full Frame Design

  • Design temp. 200 °C

  • Flame Tube Design (direct-fire)

  • 3" and 4" Bottom Discharge

  • Heavy Insulated 50mm

  • Approvals by Lloyd’s Register
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