PMB for sealants
Polymer Modified Bitumen

Crack and joint sealants for asphalt and concrete pavements

Cracks are a serious threat to pavement structures since they allow water to penetrate into the base structure. Accordingly it is essential that cracks are treated with appropriate fillers/sealants. Under the brand name Sealofill® hot applied polymer modified bitumen are produced for crack filling and sealing at asphalt and concrete pavements.

The Sealofill® products have high elasticity, ductility and perfect bond within a wide temperature range. Sealofill® complies with the relevant ASTM standards for crack filler/sealants.  

Product types Sealofill®:

  • Sealofill® A
  • Sealofill® B

Sealofill® A is used to fill cracks in asphalt and concrete pavements, with a maximum width of 15mm and can be used in moderate climates.

Sealofill®B are used to seal wide cracks, joints and routed cracks in asphalt and concrete pavements, with a minimum width of 15mm. Sealofill® B is suitable for use in climates with both cold as well as hot temperatures.    

Delivery Sealants can be supplied in boxes of 23 kg, in tankers and containers or directly from our bitumen plants.