Based on the success of the Sealoflex® SFB5 polymer modified binders Sealoflex® SFB3 and Sealoflex® PG-graded binders have been developed. Using the same technique these binders provide good performance at an agreeable price level. Durability and cost effectiveness are the keywords.

Sealoflex® SFB3 and Sealoflex® PG graded binders are SBS-polymer modified binders. With the specially developed Sealoflex® processing technique the polymer is cross-linked and stabilized.

The Sealoflex® polymer modified binders offer:

  • Temperature susceptibility
  • Elasticity and resistance to deformation
  • Ductility and resistance to fatigue
  • Ageing
  • Adhesion promotion

Sealoflex® binders are produced and tested according to European Standard EN14023 (CE) or Superpave performance grade (AASHTO M320) standard.
Product Types

  • Applications
  • Porous asphalt and Stone Mastic Asphalt
  • Thin wearing courses
  • Trunk roads and truck lanes
  • Crossings and roundabouts
  • Traffic light stopping lanes
  • Gus asphalt
  • Bridge decks

  • Improved rut resistance
  • Reduction in surface cracking and raveling
  • Durable and skid resistant wearing courses
  • Increased pavement life
  • Reduced binder drainage (porous asphalt and SMA)

PMB for hot mix asphalt
Polymer Modified Bitumen