Mustek Bitumen Limited manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of packed bitumen products, quarry binders, surface dressing binders, bond coats and coated stone. Together, these products will meet most road maintenance and surfacing needs. The Mustek product range is backed by in-house laboratory facilities ensuring consistent quality and performance.

Packed and Bulk products are available from a number of Mustek depots throughout Ghana and from selected stock lists.
Various specifications of coated stone are available from Mustek Bitumen Limited plants.


Our company has done more than just process rock. With all the required facilities and equipment’s available, Mustek’s quarry division is able to provide various chippings of exceptional quality. This capability in conjunction with our engineering services department provides every customer with a product that meets or exceeds required performance standards.

Taking rock from the ground and making it better isn't as easy as it sounds. It requires equipment to size it, clean it, sort it and deliver it. While all this is accomplished, we never lose site of the importance of safety. A core belief at Mustek is that if we can't do a job safely, we won't do it…period!

Making rock better is what we do. With an intense focus on being the most sought-after and efficient provider in the quarry industry, we at Mustek are here to make life better for everyone.

Our product portfolio includes:

Mustek Bitumen is a black residue derived from Export crude oil (KEC). It is manufactured at the Europoort refinery in Rotterdam.

The combination of only using KEC at the Europoort refinery means we can guarantee a consistency of quality across all the grades.

There are three types of Mustek Bitumen.

Penetration Bitumens are manufactured by fractional distillation in a vacuum distillation column and are therefore straight run products. Penetration (or paving grade bitumens) are designated by the penetration rating, following the grading system of the European Standard EN 12591. Applications include:

    Oxidized or blown bitumen products are manufactured in an air blowing process. Their physical and chemical properties are modified during this process. Applications include:

      Hard bitumen products are manufactured by propane extraction (PPA), blending of PPA and a softer penetration grade bitumen (10/20), and by blowing (S95) respectively. Applications include:


        Production of Mustek Bitumens is certified according to NEN-EN-ISO 9002 (Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Certificate nr.650009 - 23rd December 1997).

        Certificates of Origin and Health and Safety Data Sheets will be sent on request.