Penetration Grade Bitumen 70/100

Is commonly used in road construction, surfacing and some industrial applications. Additional processing of this type of Bitumen yields various grades of Bitumen products. The Penetration Test determines the hardness of Bitumen by measuring the depth (in tenths of a mm) to which a standard, and loaded needle will vertically penetrate in 5 seconds, a sample of Bitumen maintained at a temperature of 25°C. Hence the softer the bitumen, the greater will be its number of penetration units. Bitumen Grade 70/100 is commonly used to manufacture Asphalt Mixes, Cut-back Bitumen, Bitumen Emulsions and Modified Bitumen.

Quality: All Bitumen supplied is of the highest quality and fully compliant with ASTM and AASHTO, equivalent EN and BS International Standards and Test Methods. SGS Quality Testing and Analysis certification of the Bitumen products inspected when requested will be compliant with Product Specifications and International Standards. Quality assured manufacturing. Equivalent to BS EN 12591 and BS EN 13924.

Storage and Handling Recommendations: Store in unopened containers. Storage temperature limits 1°C - 50°C. For normal operations, such as blending and transferring liquid bitumen, temperatures of 10oC - 40oC above the minimum pumping temperature are recommended.

Recommended Application Temperatures: Storing: 120°C - 150°C. Mixing: 130°C - 150°C. Compacting: 120°C - 140°C

Recommended Application Temperatures: Storing: 120°C - 150°C Mixing: 135°C - 155 Compacting: 125°C - 145°C