About us

Mustek Bitumen Ltd.
founded in the year 2000, the group currently operates three related business units; construction, bitumen sales and a stone quarry making it is highly competitive in road construction and other civil works. As a leading indigenous heavy construction firm, the Company has attained A2/B2 classification.

Headquartered in Accra, Ghana, Mustek Bitumen Limited is a leading Bitumen Supplier Company. The scope of the company's work covers a broad spectrum of bitumen products.

Mustek Bitumen Limited continues to be the choice for clients and customers, which demand innovative bitumen products in Ghana and true out West-Africa. For over 11 years, major challenges and responsibilities have been entrusted to Mustek Bitumen Limited.

The company has continued to earn that trust through computerized cost control, state-of-the-art transport equipment, ample bonding capacity, uncommonly good workmanship, supervision and evaluation along with a steady commitment to an unusually high standard of excellence.

That is why customers such as the Ghana Highway Authority (GHA), Ministry of Roads and Transport, New Hope International, Cap-Tech Real Estate Development Company, etc. have relied upon and continue to count on, the consistent professionalism and quality supplies execution of Mustek Bitumen Limited.

Our product portfolio includes:

Penetration Grade Bitumen:

Bitumen 80/100, bitumen 85/100, bitumen 60/70, bitumen 50/70, bitumen 40/50 and bitumen 35/50 which are commonly used for road construction.

Paving Grade Bitumen (AS2008):

Bitumen Class 170, Bitumen Class 320 and Bitumen Class 600

Cutback Grade Bitumen:

Medium Curing Cutback Bitumen: MC 30 Bitumen, MC 70 Bitumen, MC 250 Bitumen, MC 800 Bitumen and MC 3000 Bitumen Rapid Curing Cutback Bitumen: RC 30 Bitumen, RC 70 Bitumen, RC 250 Bitumen, RC 800 Bitumen and RC 3000 Bitumen

Oxidized (Blown) Bitumen:

Bitumen R10/20, Bitumen R85/25, Bitumen R85/40, Bitumen R90/15 and Bitumen R115/15

Bitumen Emulsions:

Tack-coat Bitumen Emulsion:
Bitumen Emulsion K1-40
Rapid Setting Bitumen Emulsion:
Bitumen Emulsion K1-60, Bitumen Emulsion K1-70, Bitumen Emulsion RS-1K, Bitumen Emulsion RS-2K, Bitumen Emulsion RS-3K, Bitumen Emulsion CRS-1 and Bitumen Emulsion CRS-2
Medium Setting Bitumen Emulsion:
Bitumen Emulsion K2, Bitumen Emulsion MS-1K, Bitumen Emulsion MS-2K, Bitumen Emulsion SM-K, Bitumen Emulsion CM-K and Bitumen Emulsion CMS-2
Slow Setting Bitumen Emulsion: Bitumen Emulsion K3, Bitumen Emulsion SS-1K, Bitumen Emulsion SS-1H, Bitumen Emulsion SS-K, Bitumen Emulsion CSS-1H and Bitumen Emulsion CSS-1

Superpave Performance Grade Bitumen (PG): Bitumen PG 64-22

Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB): Bitumen PG 76-10 and Bitumen PG 82-10 (High Impact Performance Grade Bitumen)